The second summer school of the H2020 Innovative Training Network (ITN) SAINT (Science and innovation with thunderstorms) is organized in the city of Toulouse, in the South West of France, from 24 June  to 5 July 2019. The University Paul Sabatier of Toulouse (UPST) is involved in SAINT, together with 9 other beneficiaries and 9 partner organisations in Europe. SAINT aims at training 15 Ph.D. students of the network on the physics and effects of atmospheric electric discharges related to thunderstorms, from micro- to macro-scales; on the development of knowledge and numerical algorithms for lightning detection/protection, for new applications in atmospheric physics.

First week (24-28 June 2019) is devoted to lectures and tutorials on different topics related to thunderstorm electricity and its coupling with the atmosphere:

  • Physics, numerical simulation and forecasting of the thunderstorm
  • Effect of TLEs on chemistry of the atmosphere
  • Physics and detection of the lightning flashes
  • Space weather and ionosphere
  • Introduction to entrepreneurship, business and innovation

Second week (1-5 July 2019) is a research workshop that includes scientific presentations and focussed work-sessions in splinter groups. Monday July 1 is reserved for SAINT project meeting. The rest of the workshop (2-5 July) is open to all scientists and students studying the physics of TLEs, TGFs and lightning physics, space permitted.

Welcome in Toulouse for the SAINT second summer school!

Organisation Committee

  • Serge Soula (LA) (chair)
  • Martin Fullekrug (UBATH) (co-chair)
  • Christoph Köhn (DTU)
  • Zaida Gomez (LA)
  • Jean-François Georgis (LA)
  • Eric Gonneau (LA)
  • Dolorès Granat (IRAP)
  • Sabriya Oulad (OMP)
  • Virginie Redon (LA)
  • Marisa Vialet (LA)

Contact : (tel +33 (0)5 61 33 27 74)